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The Church Meeting of City Temple Holborn Viaduct EC1.-Regarding Financial Irregularities. (Chair Dr. Rodney Woods - Pastor.)

The meeting started at 1:15pm at approx 2:40pm, so as not to disturb the speakers, I (Stuart Holmes) gave all present a small slip of paper, and then sat down. The pastors wife who is also the chef destroyed her slip of paper, displaying the remains she called over to her husband - "We need to sort this out now!" and that a disciplinary motion should be brought against myself, to prevent me distributing press release policy statements as below!#:

#Draft 3. POLICY STATEMENT CITY TEMPLE CHURCH LONDON EC1 & PRESS RELEASE 16/8/08. In line with Christian scripture, stewardship, compassion and having regard for: climate change, de-forestation, species extinction, cruelty, famine, efficient use of land, public health, cost of food & for the benefit of all; City Temple is adopting a vegetarian policy. We think it would be a good idea if all churches follow suit! Please comment to- Stuart Holmes -

(Continued) The Pastor immediately obeyed, stating that I was disrupting the meeting! I pleaded that I had not said a word! and then complained that, "The disciplinary motion against me was for imparting Christian scripture and also that the promise to debate Christian stewardship had not materialised."

I was told to remain silent or leave the meeting; at this point Jill came over to me demanding that I leave, attempted to seize my papers, threatened me with the police and accused me of hitting her, she then phoned the police who arrived and said they could arrest me for Civil Trespass or Breach Of The Peace, which is what they did! (*See detail below)

Now all this is a bit ironic, as the discussion of the meeting repeatedly stated that the financial irregularities had come about because; people felt intimidated about speaking out regarding what was going on! Also the church spent too much time talking about money matters and not enough about Christian matters!

Vegetarianism is certainly a Christian issue, as well as the huge benefits of vegetarianism to the planet and people; Jesus crucifixion resulted from his actions in the temple a few days before his death, when he threatened the financial base of Jerusalem by attacking the killing of animals for food. (The cleansing of the temple.)

It was immediately after this the high priests and the authorities conspired to kill him! Also “Thou shalt not kill.” means "Thou shalt not kill anything!" Also Genesis 1:29 God says eat fruit and vegetables. Also Isaiah 1:10-25 God has no pleasure in the blood of Bulls Goats & Sheep. Isaiah 66:3 Whoever kills a bull is like someone who kills a person. Also Jesus (A vegetarian) said, "I require mercy not sacrifice." Also Gods Kingdom is one of non violence where the lion lies down with the lamb. etc.

In my opinion eating flesh is an abuse of Christian Stewardship and debases Christianity!

*When the police arrived they asked me to leave, I explained that I had done nothing wrong and that I had not broken the law. Also that it was my understanding that on private property an injunction was required for my removal and they would not get one because I had done nothing wrong, also my actions were in accordance with Article 10 of the European Charter of Human Rights (The right to receive and impart information and ideas) the police were insistent that I leave because I had been disruptive, I showed them the slip of paper that I had handed to all those seated at the meeting. (And had then sat down)- There was no disruption on my behalf!

I also repeatedly asked under what section of what Act were they going to remove me they said Civil Trespass, Breach Of The Peace, Pace, I also informed them that Jill had attempted to seize my papers and had accused me of hitting her, they said that she had made no such complaint to them, also in the presence of the police Rod (Pastor) declined to repeat the nature of the alleged disruption he had made to the police.

The two officers were then joined by two more who declined to inform me under what law they were acting, and when PC 254 took hold of me I informed him that he was breaking the law! (There was no formal arrest.) I was later given a carbon copy ref. number 08/32504/5 stating- “Removed from premises, Prevention of Breach Of The Peace.” police officers present- B254, B347, B398 B818.

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Stuart Holmes said...

The Minister of City Temple informed Stuart Holmes at the Church Meeting of 26 October 2008 that he would not be allowed to speak, even though he was mentioned by name at that meeting, in the minutes for the previous Church Meeting of 17 August: At which the police were called and he was wrongfully arrested!

CITY TEMPLE CHURCH MEETING MINUTES 17 August 2008. (presented at meeting of 26 Oct. 2008)
4).....”Stuart Holmes disrupted the meeting by quietly distributing papers to the members advocating vegetarianism. Because this represented a pattern of behaviour which had been addressed before with Mr. Holmes the Church Meeting passed a motion to reject these papers and forbid Mr. Holmes from circulating items in the future without express permission to do so. Mr. Holmes became vocally disruptive at this point and after repeated warnings from the moderator was required to leave the meeting.”

The Minister was given a copy of the blog post of 18 August on his return from U.S.A. On 31st August, he has since said he does not agree with it, and refuses to respond in writing.

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