Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Domicile Allotments

DOMICILE ALLOTMENTS the simple solution to climate change & economic collapse.

Domicile Allotments is a futuristic life style based on Abraham Lincoln’s quote. “The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land”. (See Party Conference videos- You Tube & Winkball Conservative & Labour Conference 2009. Google- "Domicile Allotments").

Domicile Allotments is an instant, minimalist low cost, low carbon, simple, adaptable, versatile, utilitarian solution to climate change and economic collapse which trumps all other so called solutions, basically it is living in advanced futuristic poly-tunnels with attached allotments.

Imagine a poly-tunnel 10m wide the length of a football field divided into two halves by a central partition along its length and then partitioned into 10m x 5m housing units which have attached allotments as gardens (10m x 30m each side of the tunnel).

Tensioned lines (steel, nylon, etc.) run the length of the tunnel and are anchored to the ground at both ends these lines support 2m wide u.v. protected polythene strips (or other membranes) these strips can contain doors ventilation units anti condensation units etc. These strips are easy to replace if damaged etc. When these strips are also tensioned the whole system becomes as tight as a drum and along with the aerodynamic shape of the tunnel ends, the system offers little resistance to high winds etc. The end hoops need to be robust the other hoops partially supporting the strips are less strong and can be made from various materials steel tubing, wood etc.

Less strong internal lines run the length of the tunnel supporting large curtains of lesser gauge polythene or other material which act as double or treble glazing for winter insulation or privacy curtains etc.

Free lighting and heating via the greenhouse effect, free safe water supply from the run off from the tunnel which could also be used as a heat sink absorbing heat during the day and giving heat off during the night. Free fresh organic food (no pesticides etc.) doesn’t need a water or sewage system (Vegan Poo can be composted). Don’t need cars (the shopping is in the back garden) don’t need roads, power stations, no packaging, no waste, sufficient stimulation in growing and the development of the fine art of minimalism instead of consumerism. None dependence on employment, money, transport etc. with increasing leisure time.

Compare the cost of 25kg of polythene (re-cycle able) to the cost of a conventional house.

Compare the low energy consumption in the manufacture of 25kg of polythene (Which is re cycle able) to the high energy consumption involved firing bricks making cement slates transporting tons of material cost of insulation and heating lighting energy loss etc. Domicile Allotments is a sustainable minimal impact on the environment life style!

VEGAN-ISM People and Planet benefit.
Maximum food output from a small piece of land means growing fruit & veg.
Not eating meat also has massive climate change benefits.

SPEED OF CONSTRUCTION The basic shell can be constructed and taken down in a few minutes!

CONFIGURATION OF TUNNELS Geodesic Domes and other minimalist structures.

CLIMATE CHANGE There are two tidal waves on the horizon climate change & economic collapse if we are not quick we could be swept away, some scientists are saying its already to late others say we have less than 5 years before climate change is irreversible. I’m convinced Domicile Allotments is our best bet.

Allotments (300 sq yards) have a very long history they were designed to feed a small family of 4 people.

OTHER USES Emergency shelters- earthquakes, war, hospitals, schools, kitchens, dog kennels, etc.

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