Thursday, 11 March 2010

Ice Bear Arrest


After being given the go ahead by Climate Camp I displayed a banner saying "CLIMATE CAMP" in the background of press & TV cameras as the sculptors started work on the Ice block. Initially there was no problem but after 15 minutes or so, I over heard the sculptor Mark Coreth say “Inappropriate footwear”, then one of the crane crew started pushing me out of the fenced area saying they could not operate the crane while persons were inside the area. I accused him of assault but

I immediately complied & got out of the fenced area, but after reflection decided that if the press were allowed in, then so was I, I said this loudly to him. (The ice block was on the ground the sculptors had started work on it.)

I continued to display the banner. A male & female SFM security then appeared and started to push me out of the area saying I may slip on the ice-Health & Safety etc. I continued attempting to get the banner in the background shots of the press whilst stating at least 5 times that I was operating under the protection of Article 10 of the European Charter of Human Rights (Which I also dictated to them). I asked them under whose instruction they were acting-they intimated the sculptors. I also accused them of assault; the male replied he was allowed to use reasonable force.

The pushing and shoving continued for approx 5 minutes making it impossible to get in the background shot of the TV and press, at one point I shouted will someone phone the police. Just before I gave up, the male seemed to be attempting to put me on the floor, he went low and my right arm was around his neck, they had twisted me around so I was now facing the back fence, I had hold of the female’s jacket with my left hand. I then released my grip & and continued outside the cordon making speeches etc.

Saying, to the sculptors, “We are supposed to be on the same side! So why have you set your Hench men on me? The head sculptor spoke to me (Mark Correth) but it was not relevant, another WWF? Suited man (glasses) spoke to me I responded that “The situation is not logical obviously you know something I don’t and then suggested that the artists were not really concerned about climate change they were using it to get publicity etc. another suited man WWF? Apologised for what had happened saying that their insurance would be affected by me being inside the fenced area. There was no complaint of assault and I was not aware that I had hit anybody.

As I was walking away (To replace the banner) I noticed the spokesperson for Climate Camp had arrived I suggested he get banners in the background shot of TV Press, I think he went to ask WWF if this was OK? As we separated I said that I had been in conflict with them. (I noticed that the female SFM security guard seemed to over hear this?)

Whilst I was replacing the banner by the steps I was approached by 2 female community support police officers complaining about displaying the banner in the square (breach of by-laws?), they then walked over the WWF area, I then went to unlock my bike and was again approached by the 2 female community WPCs wanting my details regarding a complaint they had received from SFM security I said that I was the one that was attacked and gave my details after ascertaining the officers had SFMs details. I also stated my actions were within Article 10 (dictated)

I then went down the stairs with my bike and stood next to the fountain where I spoke to 2 witnesses who agreed that I was attacked and assaulted by the 2 SFM security guards. (Also the crane crew). After 15 minutes or so the 2 WPC community officers appeared with 2 PCs, one Indian- Mr McHugh p226307? (CW2153?) & One Chinese- Mr Chong. {Not p227605?} CW2552.

The Chinese PC & Comm. WPC went to the WWF Ice Block, whilst the Asian officer & Comm. WPC–CW7892 stayed with me by the fountain. I was told by the Asian PC that the Chinese PC was viewing the CCTV. We chatted about Climate Change and Domicile Allotments etc. I was relaxed because I knew the CCTV would prove I did not commit an assault. (I think it was the Asian officer had informed me that the accusation was that I had hit the female in the mouth with my elbow) The officers also heard the witnesses saying that I was attacked and assaulted by SFM security.

After a considerable time 20 min? The Chinese officer returned, had a brief conversation with the Asian officer then handcuffed me and said I was arrested for common assault. As I had been fully compliant I felt handcuffing was not necessary, he also said there was no CCTV however on route to the van I pointed out several CCTV cameras. (Approx 10).

After being detained 6 hours I complained to the desk sergeant regarding my detainment - I was told officers were viewing CCTV & obtaining witnesses, (I said, “What for 6 hours?”) I also complained that I was doing important work having meetings with ministers of state etc. and that I had been falsely arrested and imprisoned and that I would sue. After 15 hours I complained to inspector Newbury (Station Supervisor?) that I had been falsely arrested & imprisoned, that I was doing important work with MPs, Lord Falconer etc and would sue. I was interviewed and then charged with Battery, kept overnight taken to court the next morning and eventually released on unconditional bail at 14:55 the next day and then walked back to the place of arrest to view the National Gallery CCTV, the police had taken a copy 5 minutes before I arrived. My response to the charge sheet was, "The CCTV will prove that I committed no assault".

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