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Freedom of Speech at the Lib-Dem conference

Arrived BICC Friday 12/9/08, made 3 Soap Boxes from plastic crates and placed them at front, back and media entrance- for anybody to use, each with a sign: FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Article 10 E.C.H.R. All are welcome to speak (For 3 minutes.)


BAN TOBACCO. Health Minister & Actors Smoking are enticing children into holocaust.
1 billion deaths this century (W.H.O.) That's 15 times greater than the total war dead of the 20th century!

VEGETARIANISM - Planet & People Benefit! Gods Will (Gen. 1:29), Compassion, Climate change, Famine, De-forestation, Species extinction, Cruelty, Public health, Release of land, Efficient use of land, Cost of food, Economy, War, Etc.

Several people made speeches from the box; a Hindu man spoke about God requiring us to be vegetarian and gave an excellent speech which was recorded on television (ITN?) also The “Scouts” spoke about scouting, “Kids Count” about knife crime, a black lady about vegetarianism and quite a few others. I spoke about the stupid economy, stupid houses, stupid nuclear power stations, the soap box being true democracy, the tobacco holocaust, and advocated mass vegetarianism as being a solution to a lot of our problems (As per placard), also Domicile Allotments as a life style - possibly confiscating land used for growing Oil Seed Rape for Bio Fuels and replacing with Domicile Allotments etc. (Made model at Labour conference). I was interviewed by Elena Goodman (Radio 4- A Week in West Minster Sat.11:30 am), ITN and national newspapers.

Was invited to a Fringe meeting inside the conference “STUBBING IT OUT-What Next after the Smoking Ban” (After arranging a security clearance.) hosted by the Health Hotel. I stated the reason why children started to smoke was because of actors smoking in films, role models etc. and laid the blame for the Tobacco Holocaust on Corrupt Governments! Mentioning the Bernie Ecclestone/Max Mosley/Tony Blair/ Tessa Jowell/ David Mills, affair, which was a strategy to destroy EC Directive 98/43/EC. (A blanket ban on tobacco ads. & promotion.) I also mentioned corrupt legislation: The “2002 Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act” which omitted Actors Smoking in Films and was sponsored by Lord Clement Jones, the 2006 Health Act which exempted actors from the smoking bans via the Health Minister Caroline Flint!

Several Bishops and clergy arrived at the conference I loudly said to them from the soap box: “Could I ask one question”, Yes, “Why was Jesus crucified?” and then offered my view- “Jesus was crucified because he attacked the financial base of Jerusalem which was the buying, selling and slaughter of animals!” (The cleansing of the temple a few days prior to his death!) Interestingly all who responded agreed and one said there’s more- “he died to save the universe, because anything that’s worth anything is here on planet earth.”

Just across the road from the main entrance to the BICC and my soapbox was the “Climate Clinic”, (I used to think they were wonderful but I am now of the opinion there is a conflict of interest between the sponsors making money out of climate change and impartial debate!)I went to several Fringe Meetings - at the "Coal v Renewable's A Moral Choice?" When invited I stood up to ask a question but was interrupted by Greenpeace who arrested the Energy spokeswoman Sarah Vaughan from E.On for “Crimes Against Humanity” and handcuffed her (Click this link then then click the video to see what happened!) just prior to this during her speech I had heckled- “We don’t want nuclear power stations full stop!” when the meeting resumed I offered a simple no cost solution to climate change: (rather than grandiose expensive solution’s as suggested by some of the sponsor’s) “Mass Vegetarianism”, and displayed the placard: “VEGETARIANISM People & Planet Benefit...” the panel ignored my suggestion so I shouted “What about vegetarianism the simple solution? One of the organisers told me to take the sign outside, I refused, he said later that sponsor’s had paid to display their signs and that I had not!

The next day I returned with Jonathan Porrit, for the "Green Verdict On Environmental Politics 2007-8" Fringe meeting, and was told by the sound man before the meeting started to take the sign outside, I said it’s not offensive and refused, he said he would phone the police, I said “Please do”, I asked Steve Webb MP. on the panel: “Have I committed some sort of offence?”, he said “No”. Later the sign was confiscated by a female organiser (I retrieved it when leaving). I gave Jonathon Porrit a note - "If the chair is not favourable in his choice of speakers could you mention Vegetarianism, Domicile Allotments, Immorality of Bio Fuels", (The chair was not favourable & J.P. didn't get the opportunity).

Whilst on the soap box at the back of BICC displaying the BAN TOBACCO placard I invited the man from Forest-

(The so called Freedom organisation for the right to enjoy smoking tobacco.) He was handing out flyer's for the Freedom Zone meeting (sponsored by the tobacco industry!)

Tobacco addiction has nothing to do with freedom! Addiction is Slavery! The enticement of children into holocaust is a crime against God. (1 billion deaths this century W.H.O.))

Cont. to defend the Tobacco Industry on the soap box, just prior to this I had made a loud statement repeating what was said on the placard, and that the Tobacco Industry was the Filth of the World and that Jesus had said of those who would harm children; that it would be better for them if a large millstone be put around their neck and they drown in the depths of the ocean. He declined the invitation saying I only believed in Freedom of Speech for myself? said I was a dictator? He then departed.

I also said "There are 2 questions everyone should ask themsevles: 1) How do you account for creation? 2) Why am I here?

At the Media entrance whilst on the box & pointing to the VEGETARIANISM placard I said to Nick Clegg (Entering conference to make his speech). "This is the solution"-he did not respond.

DOMICILE ALLOTMENTS Imagine a Poly tunnel as long as a football field, 6 metre’s wide, partitioned every 10 metre’s, with a door crimped in the side with an anti condensation unit crimped on top. The greenhouse effect provides free lighting and heating, rain water could be caught and stored inside, providing fresh water and a heat sink, capturing heat during the day and giving it out at night, such a minimalistic structure could be constructed in minutes per unit and would provide a high tech low cost Eco abode reducing the necessity for transport, roads, power stations etc. providing self employment & fresh food. Allotment communities are great, ultra violet protected polythene is good for between 5-10 years and possibly recyclable? (See image above)


Mark Townson said...

Hi Stuart, Mark here from the Climate Clinic. While I agree with pretty much everything you say, and while all of us at the Climate Clinic were very supportative of you over the last 3 years, we all basically fell out with you when you became rude and abusive after we asked you in a friendly way to stop disrupting a meeting we had put a lot of time and work into trying to get together. No one responds well to agresive personal abuse, and I feel you undermine your own work with this particular trait in your way of dealing with people. Otherwise, keep up the good work! Mark

Stuart Holmes said...

Dear Mark,
Thank you for your comment. I don't agree that I disrupted your meeting could you be more specific?

Bhakta said...

"Addiction is Slavery!"Absolutely right, that's why the real leaders who rule the world will do all they can to continue this paradigm. This is their agenda.

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