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Arrived Saturday 18th October Signs were displayed on the soap box:

FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Article 10 E.C.H.R. All are welcome to speak (for 3 minutes).

Imagine a Poly tunnel as long as a football field, 6 metre’s wide, partitioned every 10 metre’s, with a door crimped in the side with an anti condensation unit crimped on top. The greenhouse effect provides free lighting and heating, rain water could be caught and stored inside, providing fresh water and a heat sink, capturing heat during the day and giving it out at night, such a minimalistic structure could be constructed in minutes per unit and would provide a high tech low cost Eco abode reducing the necessity for transport, roads, power stations etc. providing self employment & fresh food. Allotment communities are great, ultra violet protected polythene is good for between 5-10 years and possibly recyclable? (See image above)


BAN TOBACCO. Health Minister & Actors Smoking are enticing children into holocaust. 1 billion deaths this century (W.H.O.) That's 15 times greater than the total war dead of the 20th century.

VEGETARIANISM - Planet & People Benefit! Gods Will (Gen. 1:29), Compassion, Climate change, Famine, De-forestation, Species extinction, Cruelty, Public health, Release of land, Efficient use of land, Cost of food, Economy, War, Etc.

My week’s main activity was speaking from the soap box (click link then click video) regarding Vegetarianism, Ban Tobacco, The Economy, Domicile Allotments (Plus other). Other people also spoke from the box- a lady from Remploy, Kids Count, A man complaining about the police wrongfully killing numerous people with fire arms. Spent a lot of time at the Convention of the left (An alternative conference-inclusive rather than exclusive) venue-“The Friends Meeting House” (Quakers)

On route to the conference on Princess Rd on Saturday, I displayed the BAN TOBACCO placard and shouted “Ban Tobacco”, probably to prime minister Gordon Brown (smoked glassed windowed car with police motor cycle escort.)

On Sunday arrived approx 8:30 am? With soap box and hand held placard displaying 2 banners one either side, I stated that the police were not allowed to interfere with freedom of speech under article 10 of the echr. I heard one of them say to his colleague “We don’t mind freedom of speech but we don’t like smart arses!” I then repeated this so everyone could here!

Caroline Flint walked passed -displaying the BAN TOBACCO banner I accused her of exempting actors from the smoking bans as in the 2006 Health Act and said it was actors smoking in films that was responsible for the enticement of children into the tobacco holocaust. (1 billion deaths this century) I invited her to defend her actions on the soap box she declined after acknowledging she got the message.

Later on Tessa Jowell walked passed who also declined the invitation to defend herself on the box, she asked me to lower my voice and get off the box! I said as loudly as possible that I was concerned about her and her husbands involvement in the Bernie Ecclestone-Max Mosley-Tony Blair-David Mills affair and also her, and her husband and Tony Blair’s involvement and deals: Co-production film contracts etc. (Money laundering?) with Sylvio Berlusconi. (I think Berlusconi & Mills still have corruption related charges hanging and face imprisonment in Italy?)

Loudly from the soap box "The Tobacco Industry is the filth of the World!"

Monday & Tuesday I think I must have addressed the entire conference from the soap box as they queue'd to get into conference, I asked John Prescott if he was a vegetarian he said, “Do I look like one” I said “No your a bit overweight", I asked Geoff Hoon if he would like to tell us about Iraq from the soap box but he declined, spoke with Charles Clark, Tony Benn, Neil Kinnock, Alistair Campbell- who I used know from the Daily Mirror Doorstep, chancellor Alistair Darling (click this link then read 2nd para-"Mad vegetarian" & then the comments) trying to persuade him that Vegetarianism could solve our economic, climate change, public health + other problems etc. I spoke to many others during my rantings about actors smoking enticing children into the tobacco holocaust, corrupt government, corrupt legislation 2002 Tobacco advertising and promotion act & 2006 Health act etc.

At some stage the clergy arrived (same as at Lib Dem conference) I again asked "Why was Jesus crucified" and again offered my view "Because he attacked the financial base of Jerusalem. Which was the buying selling and slaughter of animals!" (cleansing of the temple). Christians are supposed to be Vegetarian!
There are 2 questions all should ask themseves: 1. How do you account for creation? 2. Why am I here?

On Monday approx 12:30 I wanted to go to one of the meetings at the Quaker house (The alternative conference), I asked the constable next to me would it be OK to leave my soapbox? he said, “yes!” but on return 2 hour’s or so later it had gone! and the replacement officer PC19213 didn’t know anything about it! After making a considerable fuss and explaining there was a large police presence some with machine guns, some on horses, helicopters, CCTV s, etc. It would have been impossible for anybody to walk off with my soapbox undetected which was emblazoned with "FREEDOM OF SPEECH Article 10 ECHR." Whilst making a louder fuss to sergeant 1543 (Atherton Police station), WPC 12864 whispered in his ear, “The soapbox was deemed a security threat and taken by the street cleansers!”

On route to the Quakers (who kindly provided me with a alternative soap box-a broken wooden chair), I bumped into David Milliband who was in the centre of a swarm of press, I followed behind him displaying the Vegetarianism banner but special branch physically stopped me from entering the Town Hall!

Resuming to soap boxing mode I then began to brag to the queuing delegates that I was Britain's greenest man my lifestyle gave me the UK's lowest carbon footprint! I sleep outside in dustbin bags, ride a bike, am a Vegetarian & campaign for vegetarianism and Banning Tobacco!

Also had a dig at the police saying Aren't our policemen wonderful, remarked on the soapbox theft (Breach of article 10?) and read out the letter of complaint, sent to the chief constable regarding another contravention of article 10 at the conservative conference, last year at Blackpool.

I also mentioned that it was bad enough the Chief Constable being in bed with another man's wife, and with her being the head of the Chamber of Commerce it may have sinister overtones regarding police impartiality!

At one stage one of the delegates went into speech mode, so I passed the soapbox over the fence to him, a police inspector said that nothing is to be passed over the fence! After continuing with my rant the inspector said to the queue “should I move him,” they replied “No”.

When the queue of delegates dried up I spent my time at the alternative conference-Convention of the left at the Quaker House, it was there that I informed Jeremy Corbin MP. regarding the police seizing my soapbox -He said they had been talking about it! Also mentioned Vegetarianism and Domicile Allotments, he said he had an allotment, we spoke briefly about the inefficiency of growing meat and that the land required by one meat eater could feed 20 vegetarians! I later constructed a model of Domicile Allotments and showed it to him, the next day I made a better model. (See image above)

On Wednesday I bragged from the soapbox that "With these 7 wire coat hangers this cling-film & a piece of chalk I'm going to make Nuclear Power Station’s obsolete, provide free food, nearly free housing, improve public health stop climate change, famine, and all the other things it says on my vegetarian banner" I then set to work 20 minutes later job done, even the police were impressed. (See image above)


Bhakta said...

Alistair Darling etc, really have little to NO say what so ever on government policies. That's all decided by those in the background, the Rothchilds etc. The politicians are mere puppets, nothing more. David Icke can tell you more on that.

Bhakta said...

while most people remain in the lower modes of ignorance such "DOMICILE ALLOTMENTS" are utopian. To easy to break into, dogs, buglers, Police etc., would have an easy time. People would NOT feel safe, secure in such dwelling places. Of course such would be ideal in a crime free society where the people are all advanced souls.

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