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Letter: Green groupes Vegetarianism & the Church


Cyclists block Westminster Bridge in climate protest
by: Finian Davern 2 June 2009

DOZENS of cyclists blocked a busy London bridge in protest at the Government's environmental record.
Group Climate Rush hold sit-in on busy bridge in protest at Government’s environmental record

The protesters, from the group Climate Rush, put down their bicycles for a sit-in on Westminster Bridge in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament last night. Many of the protesters wore red sashes bearing the slogans, Trains Not Planes and No to New Coal. Some of the group sat down to eat impromptu picnics on the bridge and listened to music pumped out by a small sound system. Geography teacher Rob Faure Walker, 27, from north London, said: "The purpose of this protest is that the government is currently failing in any way to plan to reduce the carbon emissions that are happening.

"They justify building new coal-fired power stations by saying that they will involve the fitting of carbon capture and storage systems. "But nobody has proven that these actually work." Faure Walker also spoke out against plans to expand Heathrow Airport. He said: "People have to realise that they can't live their lives the way that they have become accustomed to.”We can't fly short-haul whenever we want." The bridge was later reopened to traffic as the protesters got on their bicycles and rode off.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed the demonstration had passed off peacefully and there were no arrests. It is not the first time Climate Rush has targeted the area around Parliament. In April this year four protesters were arrested after gluing themselves together around a statue inside the Palace of Westminster. Climate Rush members say they are inspired by the "peaceful, civil disobedience" of the suffragettes. The statue they chose was one famously used in the past by suffragettes, who chained themselves to it to campaign for the vote for women.

Anonymous wrote:

Green groups should have more support and backing from the Church!
Christianity is obliged towards stewardship of our planet and the most effective environmental action that anybody and everybody could take quite easily- is to become vegetarian! The benefits to planet & people are immense regarding: climate change, de-forestation, species extinction, cruelty, famine, efficient use of land, public health, and cost of food.

Vegetarianism is certainly a Christian issue, as well as the huge benefits of vegetarianism to the planet and people; Jesus crucifixion resulted from his actions in the temple a few days before his death, when he threatened the financial base of Jerusalem by attacking the killing of animals for food. (The cleansing of the temple.) It was immediately after this the high priests and the authorities conspired to kill him!

Also “Thou shalt not kill.” means "Thou shalt not kill anything!" Also Genesis 1:29 God says eat fruit and vegetables. Also Isaiah 1:10-25 God has no pleasure in the blood of Bulls Goats & Sheep. Isaiah 66:3 whoever kills a bull is like someone who kills a person. Also Jesus (A vegetarian) said, "I require mercy not sacrifice." Also Gods Kingdom is one of non violence where the lion lies down with the lamb. Etc.

Stuart Holmes. 2/6/2009 3:51 PM GDT

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