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Nukiller Power A Crime Against God. Labour Party Conference Liverpool 2011. 3 arrests 1st Arrest while holding placard

Nukiller Power A Crime Against God. Labour Party Conference Liverpool 2011. 3 arrests 1st Arrest while holding placard

ARREST* 1 Monday 26 Sept. 8:50 am. On access bridge to Echo conference centre. I first arrived at approx 8:30 and positioned myself at the foot of the bridge where it joined the road, displaying the placard -“Nukiller Power A Crime Against God.” I was approached by a community PC who said “I am not going to move you but the protestor’s compound is over there, he then walked away. After 10 minutes or so I moved position (15 yards) to the yellow gate structure on the bridge, others were displaying signs and were distributing leaflets, the lady next to me politely said that she did not agree with my sign and then changed her mind (I think initially she may have misread it?) next to her was a man displaying a sign- “Boycott Israeli Goods.”

After 5 minutes or so 2 police officers (PC8522 & PC648) came from behind me and continued walking to the foot of the bridge I suspected they were talking about me one of them made a radio call, I anticipated a problem and informed the lady next to me my name (At the Echo site [venue of political conferences] for the past 2 years there has been controversy regarding article 10 ECHR rights on private land. The conference centre is on private land with public access however this year it had all been fenced off.)

After approx 1 minute of the radio call I was surrounded by 4 or 5 police officers Sergeant Drennan asked my name I replied “Stuart Holmes” he then orchestrated my removal after I had refused to go to the protestor’s compound stating article 10 ECHR:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, this right includes the right to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.”

I was forcefully removed without arrest (Assault). In his statement Sergeant Drennan states that he recognised my name from a briefing of Operation Escudo. (I had been targeted by the police I had been singled out victimised -Illegal under Magna Carta):

“(29) No free man shall in future be arrested or imprisoned or disseised of his freehold, liberties or free customs, or outlawed or exiled or victimised in any other way, neither will we attack him or send anyone to attack him, except by the lawful judgement of his peers or by the law of the land. To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay right of justice.”

I was removed to the protestor’s compound in transit I was remonstrating in a loud voice that I had not been arrested, that this was an assault by police and the police were in breach of article 10 ECHR which I quoted as above. As soon as I was released in the protestors compound (Still displaying the banner) I attempted to re-enter the Albert Dock Area (Which has free public access without restriction-check Google maps.) but was prevented from doing so and finally took hold of, I asked if I had been arrested PC 8522 said “Yes”, what for? Obstruction! I was put in the back of the van still remonstrating until the door was shut. 5 minutes later I was informed that I had been arrested for Breach of the Peace, Obstructing an officer in the execution of his duty and Aggravated trespass, I was then driven to St Anne’s Police Station. I was interviewed in the presence of the duty solicitor:

(Cobley’s Solicitors Michael Mckeown and shown the police video of the arrest, I refused the bail conditions not to return to the area around the Echo conference centre. I was informed to return to the police station on Friday for the decision of the CPS whether or not to charge me with the alleged offences which then included Theft by finding. When the desk sergeant returned my property which was in a sealed clear plastic bag there was a whole in the bag, I requested a receipt saying the seal had been breached but was refused, the desk sergeant said he would mention it in the custody record, when I asked for a copy I was refused.

I was then forcefully removed from the police station. After checking the contents of the breached property bag my 3 laminated banners were missing I attempted to have them returned but failed. I left the police station at approx 2:30am and returned to point of arrest at approx 3:00am.

Also in breach of Article 11 ECHR (Lady Witness on bridge – Mandy Vese. Tel. 07732 983477.)

ARREST *2. Tuesday I had intended to attend a fringe meeting at Tate Liverpool 12:30 Royal Town Planning. However just outside the Tate I was intercepted by 4 or so police officers accusing me of being in breach of bail conditions, I showed them the bail conditions which stated: NOT TO ENTER THE ALBERT DOCK AREA SURROUNDING THE ECHO ARENA LIVERPOOL UNTILL FRIDAY 30TH SEPT. 2011. The Echo Arena was approx ½ a mile away from the Tate. However they said it says Albert Dock Area and arrested me. I was then escorted by a flurry of officers in the direction of the exit in view of lots of people. They then received a radio call saying “De arrest him” which they did so I then attended the planning meeting. After the meeting had finished and I was leaving a Tate official asked if I had attended the meeting?

ARREST *3. Wednesday 8:00am I had intended attending a fringe meeting at the Hilton Hotel-Demos in partnership with PwC – The Recovery Breakfast: Defining economic policy for the next generation.

However on arrival at approx 7:45 I was informed by one of the organisers Miss Beatruss Carol Burts that it was invite only and that I was not allowed to attend. As it was supposed to be a think tank I asked if I could leave some papers with simple solutions for economic collapse and climate change but was rudely told I could not and was asked to leave which is what I did stating I would inform the press, however on exit from the hotel I was intercepted by several police officers- sergeant 3790 said I have been told by staff they don’t want you to be here I said I’m leaving. He then said something about my bail conditions preventing me from the docklands site, and then told me not to come back to the hotel.

I said the hotel does not have a problem with me I have attended other meetings at this hotel (Tues 17:00 World Vision Briefing- The Fallout of War: the value of health in fragile countries-speakers: Rushanara Ali Shadow minister for Int. Development.) and there is not a problem. I think I asked for the manager who arrived (Duty manager Gary Warring?)

Who confirmed the hotel did not have a problem with me but he would act on the advice of the police. I left the hotel feeling that I had been wronged by the police who were turning people against me! (Operation Escudo)

Just outside the hotel I bumped into ex General Secretary of the Labour Party Lord Larry Whitty I explained the problems I was having with the police and showed him the bail conditions he agreed to escort me into the Albert Dock Area which he believed was within the bail conditions- we went up to the Premier Inn Hotel where we were intercepted by 2 police officers regarding my bail conditions and the incident at the Hilton Hotel after the conversation with the police Lord Whitty was satisfied that the police had confirmed that I was being targeted as a result of my name being mentioned in Operation Escudo. After the police departed a member of staff of the hotel started asking me questions?

Lord Whitty then departed via the bridge into the Echo centre and I exited the Albert Dock without further interception by the police. However later that day at 1:00pm I returned to the same location alone and was arrested for obstructing the police and breach of bail, I then started remonstrating that the police were in breach of Article 10 ECHR and Magna Carter (Victimisation via Operation Escudo) this was filmed by the mobile film unit and by a PC with a cam corder. I was taken back to St Anne’s Police Station and released at approx 5:00pm The CPS decided to drop all the charges through the week apart from the first obstruct police on the Monday I responded to that charge by saying “That’s not correct” but thought that the obstruct police charge was for Wednesday not Monday.

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