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OLYMPIC ARREST OF ANTI- NUCLEAR PROTESTOR (For Public Nuisance etc.  Sunday 12 August 2012)

It is estimated that 1 in 2 people will get cancer which is caused by ingesting or inhaling radioactive dust as a result of Nuclear Power Stations and Atom Bomb Testing in the 50s.  

When uranium (And other radioactive fuel?) vaporises it forms an aerosol of Nano sized ceramic dust particles which themselves emit alpha particles, when inside the body (internal radiation) these alpha particles constantly bombard the local cells which can become cancerous, over the years this develops in to full blown cancer!

These Nano sized particles are so small (Smaller than cigarette smoke particles.) they pass through the lung membrane into the blood stream which transports them to other organs where they can lodge and remain for years, not only causing cancer but also damaging the DNA, Genes,  Chromosomes etc. Causing birth defects which then increasingly get worse over the generations.

It seems there is no escaping this radioactive dust, which for instance lands on the grass, the cows eat the grass the dust then passes into the dairy produce etc. Also the wind blows it around contaminating the entire globe. 

Spent Fuel Pond 4 at Fukushima could (probably will?) trigger a global extinction event!


Under the protection of Article 10 ECHR it was my intention to protest regarding the above. I intended to climb the 96 meter flying TV camera tower in Millwall Park and zip-wire across the Thames (Towing the banner NO NUKES! behind me.) in front of the Battle Ship HMS Ocean and then pull myself (Uphill) over the Queens House into the Greenwich Olympic Arena in front of the world’s press!

The Olympic flying spider TV camera runs on a bogy at a height of approx. 300ft, over the Thames along 2 lines (Approx. 1 Km. long.) Stretching from a tower at Lord Wolf’s statue at Greenwich Observatory, along the Greenwich Mean Time Meridian, over the Olympic Stadium, the Queens House, the Cutty Sark, over the Thames, in front of the Battle Ship HMS Ocean, to the tower at Millwall Park.

The tower at Millwall Park was patrolled by security guards and security fencing and had a chained trap door approx. 50ft up the tower. At approx. 4:30pm. I approached the security fencing from what I considered was a blind spot and managed to get under the fence, I was able to climb the tower without being detected, when I reached the iron trap door which was chained I was able to squeeze passed it, I then proceeded to climb to the top of the tower where there was a platform where the TV spider lines terminated. I then attached myself to the structure.

I had anticipated steel lines about 3ft apart but to my surprise found the lines were nearly 5ft apart and of a nylon like substance (Dacron?) I proceeded to attach the rope bogy to the lines, but found that some of the ropes were too short, so I had to modify using other lengths of rope.

Whilst busy doing this I noticed that police officers had cordoned off the park, crowds of people were looking up, police vans, ambulances, stretchers with red blankets had arrived – 2 police helicopters were hovering above and assault helicopters from the Battle ship had taken off.

After I had attached my safety harness and rope-bogy to the lines, I carried out functionality and safety checks but decided that the likely hood of reaching the Greenwich Olympic Arena Tower was remote, and so I aborted the mission and settled for displaying the banner at the top of the tower reading NO NUKES!

After an hour or so I noticed 2 police climbers approaching I shouted down “I’m about to come down” the response was “I wish you had told us that earlier” I asked “What is your mission?” – “To have a chat.” – “Fine.” We had a chat and I said “You’re the boss I will do anything you say”. He sent his colleague for a better safety harness belayed me down first 20 ft. and then we all descended together, when reaching the ground I was handcuffed and arrested for aggravated trespass, public nuisance and criminal damage. I was cheered by the crowd gave a wave shouted No Nuclear Power and then transported to West End Central Police Station- bailed until court on.  24 August, 10:00 am. at West London Magistrates Court, 181 Telgarth Rd. W6 8DN.

Update 18 Sept. 2012 Next court appearance on 21 Sept 9:30 am. at West London Magistrates Court.

Update2 18 September 2012.   Dear Stuart,   Re: West London Magistrates Court
I am attaching a copy of a Notice of Discontinuance which I have received earlier today from the Crown Prosecution Service. This confirms that the case against you is in effect being dropped. You will see that the Prosecution have accepted that “there is not enough evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction”.
Under those circumstances neither you nor I need to attend court on Friday of this week, 21st September 2012.

See photos in Google Images.                   Twitter - no nukes tower.                 Stuart Holmes Campaigner.

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